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attention during the london olympic games. he competed in 11 races, setting records and winning medals. american olympian blake reaper came in second to him in one race. he considers him a competitor and also a friend. he joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. thank you for having me. >> before we get to the more serious matter, i do want to congratulate you because you will be the first american to compete in the olympics disabled and now being 2016. i tip my hat to you, congratulations. >> thank you so much. it will be a long journey but it started when i saw oscar run on tv for the first time. >> let me talk to you about him. oscar is a huge hero to disabled athletes, is he not? >> yes. he's a huge hero to disabled athletes, not only disabled athletes but anybody in general. anybody and everybody who faces challenges in life can look up to oscar and relate to challenges of his. >> i think you are right. it includes everybody because he captivated everybody's attention and everybody admired him and add meyers him so immensely for all he has achieved. this is very perplexing. w
in europe and i mean, in paris and in london over time. there are protests against america in lots of places. yemen is not a war zone. not like afghanistan. >> no, i would agree with that and to me, that would come down to, okay, what alternatives do you have? and if that 16-year-old, first off how good is your intelligence and how reliable, and again, depending where this terrorist is, or suspected terrorist. >> this is apparently wrong intelligence. based on how strong your intelligence is and how reliable. if they're outside a theater you have to have better intelligence and number two, look at the country you're in. do we have a government in yemen to do something to capture this person or take action against this person short of a drone attack. >> somebody who turns out not to be a terrorist. >> i understand, but there is always the occasion of bad intelligence. so the question is, i'd rather, if the bad intelligence about an american with an al-qaeda group in afghanistan, i'll live with that intelligence. what's that person doing it there? obviously, they're doing some things they shou
classes, so, nothing that i had ever heard of from him, no, man. >> in london 2012 got beaten it in the 200 by an athlete in brazil. he was not happy about it, he challenged it thinking the prosthet prosthetics the athlete had were-- was that perfectly normal or surprised by the challenge? >> i was a little bit surprised. we had all, when we saw the guy from brazil, alan alavera. we thought, somebody has taken this rule and gone to their absolute maximum height not taking into consideration how it might affect their body and so, when he did go out and run that kind of time, i didn't see the outburst, i didn't see anything that happened, but you know, we had been trying to make a statement to the ipc that there are certain rules and regulations that needed to be changed and they weren't changed. >> greta: what does this arrest and this allegation of murder do to sort of the paralympics. i mean, does it sort of put a huge damper on the sport and shocked everybody or is it just one less athlete to compete? >> that's a great question. i've actually thought about that many, many ti
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)

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